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Best Bets: Multi-instrumentalist Joseph Huber plays the Red Herring Lounge

Joseph Huber

A Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter who was a founding member of the streetgrass band .357 String Band will play Friday at The Red Herring Lounge.

Joseph Huber, who has been compared to the likes of Townes Van Zandt and John Prine, is a multi-instrumentalist dexterous in fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmonica, percussion and bass.

Milwaukee Record said of him: “(Huber) dismantles recovered fragments of the past and meticulously assembles them into modern treasures. His work is rustic yet comfortable, powerful yet modest. His style is distinct.”

Local band Tin Can Gin is also on the bill.

GO SEE IT What: Joseph Huber with Tin Can Gin

When: 9 p.m. Friday

Where: The Red Herring Lounge, 208 E. First St.

Tickets: $5

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