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Mentor Duluth for Aug. 17, 2014


Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models.

Name: Keshaun

Age: 13

Interests: Keshaun really likes outdoor activities: playing catch, basketball, football, swimming, hiking and biking. Inside he likes roller-skating, gymnastics, wrestling, video and board games, movies, pool and darts. He wants to try camping, fishing, hunting and boating.

Personality: Keshaun is laid back but also likes to debate about politics. He isn’t afraid to get to the point during a conversation. His family is very important to him, and his mom described him as outgoing in most situations.

Goals/dreams: Keshaun would like to work in an auto body shop. He would also like to attend a four-year college and get rich.

Mentor: Keshaun wants a mentor who can spend time with him and do some of the activities that he likes. His mom wants someone who is a good role model and will make time for him.

For more information: To mentor Keshaun, contact Emily Johnson at (218) 725-7706, ext. 518. To mentor another child, contact Mentor Duluth by calling one of the following:

* YMCA, (218) 722-4745, ext. 120

* Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, (218) 725-7706, ext. 518

* Neighborhood Youth Services, (218) 723-3523

* Valley Youth Centers, (218) 721-2334

* YWCA of Duluth, (218) 722-7425, ext. 108

* Proctor Area Community Center, (218) 628-6294

* Mentor Superior, (218) 393-9160