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Faces & Names: Beyonce-Jay Z: A $1B divorce?

Reports are heating up that hip-hop royalty Beyonce and Jay Z are heading toward divorce.

Since the notorious Solange elevator brawl, there have been several reports that divorce is inevitable. And in Friday’s issue of Us Weekly, the magazine’s sources weighed in. One source told the publication that Beyonce “is done” after they conclude the remaining On The Run shows in Paris on Sept. 13.

“If the reports are true they’re going to divorce, they are probably working behind the scenes to figure out the timing of the announcement and how they’ll divide their business entities,” said Bravo’s “Untying the Knot” star and divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler.

Ziegler says that the couple’s pre-nup, though they haven’t publicly confirmed that they have one, will determine how difficult the divorce will be. Another contributing factor is whether they keep joint or separate finances.

The couple’s net worth has been estimated at $1 billion. “They’re almost on par with net worth,” Ziegler said.

“I think it’s estimated that Jay Z’s at $520 million and she’s at $480 million,” she continued. “We’re talking one of the biggest divorces in celebrity history, topping Michael Jordan in the athletic world and most others that we’ve seen.”