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Five Questions with Kyle Dosan

Kyle Dosan

Kyle Dosan has had a busy summer. The Denfeld High School senior attended American Legion Boys State in Marshall for a week in June and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp at the University of Minnesota Crookston in July. We asked Five Questions about Kyle’s experiences.

Q: Boys State teaches students about local and state government. Is there a particular part of your week at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall that made an impression on you?

A: On June 18, we had our state party convention. My party was the Nationalists, which was half of the campers at Boys State. I was one of 12 delegates from my county in the convention. Being a state delegate meant that I was able to cast my vote on platforms like raising teachers’ salaries and lowering taxes. If those platforms were passed, they were to be voted on at the legislature to go into full effect. I was also able to cast my vote on who will be representing the Nationalist Party for six state government positions: governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general and two Supreme Court justices. It showed me that every vote is crucial in any type of election because you vote for what you think is best.

Q: Do you think you’ll get into politics?

A: I do not envision myself holding a position in politics. I already have an idea of what career path I want to pursue. Now that I am more aware of what happens in the city, county, state and government meetings I will pay more attention to all of the elections happening in the years to come.

Q: The Duluth Harbortown Rotary Club sponsored you and seven other students to attend the camp in Crookston. What did you learn there?

A: I learned a lot about being a better leader and a great person at Camp RYLA. I learned about four concepts that everyone can apply to their everyday life.

Play: What you can do every day whether it is your job, going to school, volunteering. Do something that you enjoy.

Make their day: Let’s say you are walking down the street and you see someone coming toward you. Give that person a compliment because it may turn their whole day around.

Be there: Make your presence felt in whatever you are doing, go above and beyond at your job.

Attitude: You control your attitude toward anything you do, have a positive attitude. It will show how much you care in life.

Q: Both camps occurred on college campuses. Did it give you visions of where you will be a year from now?

A: Living in dorms with roommates at both Southwest Minnesota State University and the University of Minnesota Crookston for two weeks this summer gave me a glimpse of what the college life is. It opened my eyes that it is possible that next year, I could be away from home for more than two weeks on a campus and that I will be completely responsible for myself. It definitely opened my eyes that there are more schools than just in Duluth that offer what I want as far as for my education and what career I plan to pursue. A year from now, I see myself committed to a college and getting ready to start fall semester.  

Q: If you could host a dinner party with any three people — alive or dead, famous or not — who would they be and why?

A: Jackie Robinson because he was not only a pioneer for African-American baseball players, but he was also a leader in his generation and made a lasting impact on the game I play and love so dearly.

I would like to meet Jimmy Fallon because I love his show and he is a very comedic, energetic and creative person. Adrian Peterson because he is one of the NFL’s best running backs and my favorite football player.

Compiled by Mike Creger. Do you have someone in mind that we could grill with Five Questions? Let Mike know by calling (218) 723-5218 or email