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Best Bets: Unintentionally funny is the theme at the Found Footage Festival

Carole Maggio, host of the 1996 facial workout video “Facercize” tones her cheek muscles. Photo courtesy of the Found Footage Festival.

Your VHS garbage is ripe material for the curators behind The Found Footage Festival. Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett show off bits and blurbs of media unearthed in warehouses, dumpsters, garage sales and thrift stories.

The duo has been doing this for a decade. It started, Prueher told the News Tribune in 2012, in a McDonald’s break room in Wisconsin, where he feasted his eyes upon “Inside and Outside Custodial Duties” on the store’s VCR. Later, the video was screened multiple times for audiences in his living room.

Then, they started collecting videos, sometimes receiving Pampers’ boxes filled with castoffs in the mail.

What makes a good vid?

“It’s got to be unintentionally funny — that’s the main criteria,” Prueher said in 2012. “The ultimate litmus test is whether it makes us laugh. It’s got to be bad in the right way. A small percentage makes the cut.”

This show sold out last time it played Duluth.  

New footage this go-round includes obnoxious home shopping hosts, a montage of exercise vids that includes a martial arts regimen called “Tiger Moves” and a pick from 1997: “How to Have Cybersex on the Internet.”

GO SEE IT What: The Found Footage Festival

When: 8 p.m. Monday

Where: Zinema 2, 222 E. Superior St.

Tickets: $11 at the door or at

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