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Eh?: Staking out the top

It’s pretty standard fare in the Eh? column to see plugs for art and artistry in and around Duluth and Superior.

But what about “Sandwich Artistry”?

Recently, a couple of Subway Restaurant employees, one from Subway’s Hermantown location, one from Duluth’s Kenwood

Avenue location, attended Sub Jammers, a worldwide competition against other artists of the sandwich-making trade, and took first and third place respectively.

Cassandra Kryola, who has worked at Subway for the past 12 years, took home first place with a score of 47.09 — but don’t ask Eh? how that score is computed. For her efforts, Kryola won more than just bragging rights; she also took home a check for $3,000. That equates to about 600 foot-long subs off the $5-footlong menu.

Shelly Matson, who has worked at Subway for 16 years, took third place with a score of 51.37, effectively sandwiching the second place winner from Arizona. For Matson’s sandwicheering, she received a check for $1,000, which works out to about 200 of those $5-footlongs.

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