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Best Bets: ‘Venus in Fur’ at Zinema 2

“Venus in Fur” opens at Zinema 2 on Friday. Photo from Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s like AP English: This past spring, a production of the edgy S&M-ish show “Venus in Fur” played at The Underground.

Now is your chance to see what Roman Polanski does with the script by David Ives. The French film stars Polanski’s wife Emmanuelle Seigner.

The story: A director is casting the lead roles in his adaptation of the 1870 novel “Venus in Fur,” by the man whose name is the genesis of the word “masochism.”

A not-quite-right-for-the-part actress blows in the door and, though late, insists on auditioning.

Wanda spends the evening reconstructing the actor-director relationship.

The A.V. Club called the movie, which played at Cannes Film Festival, “a sharp, sexy comedy … performed by two superb and superbly in-tune actors, and directed with a sure hand by a filmmaker who’s clearly not cowed by the challenge of blowing up a two-person chamber piece for the screen.”

GO SEE IT What: “Venus in Fur”

When: Opens Friday

Where: Zinema 2, 222 E. Superior St.

Tickets: $9 adults, $7 adult matinee  

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