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Faces & names: Spike TV, Brosnan to take on the crusades

Spike TV is continuing to mine history in search of scripted programming gold.

The network, which is working on an event series centering around King Tutankhamun, also is developing an event series about the crusades, the network said Tuesday.

The series, dubbed “The Crusades,” will be produced by Pierce Brosnan’s Irish DreamTime and Mark Sennet Entertainment.

Set during the third crusade after the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin’s armies, “The Crusades” centers on two very different knights who journey from Scotland to the Holy Land for very different reasons. There, bound together in the crucible that is war, politics and betrayal, they will encounter and be forced to overcome, among others, Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, the Hashshashin and ultimately their own personal demons.