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Book Blurbs for July 6, 2014

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"Going, Somewhere, A Bicycle Journey Across America”

Author: Brian Benson

Local tie: The author grew up in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Synopsis: Brian has a million vague life plans but zero sense of direction. So when he meets Rachel, a self-possessed woman who daydreams of bicycling across the States, he decides to follow her wherever she’ll take him. Brian and Rachel embark on a ride from northern Wisconsin to somewhere west. They contend with merciless winds, brutal heat, broken bikes and bodies and the question of what comes next.

Cost: $16

Publisher: Penguin Group

Information: Go to

“Plover Landing”

Author: Marie Zhuikov

Local tie: The author is a lifelong Duluth resident and award-winning writer and poet specializing in environmental and medical topics. The book is set in Duluth in 1995

Synopsis: This sequel to “Eye of the Wolf” finds Melora St. James working to restore an endangered shorebird to the coast of Lake Superior. Melora’s peace and her focus on the piping plover are interrupted when Drew Tamsen, the boyfriend she thought she lost to another woman and another way of life 11 years ago, shows up on her office doorstep. He wants her back. They have a few things to work out first: Drew chose life as a werewolf over being with Melora, and after a painful divorce, Melora is in no hurry to trust or give her heart to another man — even if he’s one she never quite got over.

Their story is interwoven with that of the plovers, who are threatened by foxes, loggers and the Federal Aviation Administration. Then there’s Demetri, a mysterious boy Melora and Drew find lost on the beach. In helping Demetri discover who he is and make his first real friends, Melora and Drew learn secrets about themselves, building community, and coming to terms with the past.

Cost: $14.95

Publisher: North Star Press of St. Cloud