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Mentor Duluth for July 6, 2014


Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models.

Name: Dantay

Age: 9

Interests: Dantay likes to watch movies, play video games and go to the park.

Personality: He’s smiley and friendly.

Goals/dreams: Dantay wishes he could be the fastest runner in the world and aspires to own his own company someday.

Mentor: He would like a mentor who likes to be active outdoors as well as in the kitchen. Someone who will play football, basketball or soccer with him and then make cupcakes and the “ultimate breakfast.” His mom would like a mentor who can do activities that help Dantay use his mind creatively, can stay active and is patient.

For more information: To mentor Dantay, contact Nicole Bloom Kruger at (218) 721-2334. To mentor another child, contact Mentor Duluth by calling one of the following:

* YMCA, (218) 722-4745, ext. 120

* Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, (218) 725-7706, ext. 518

* Neighborhood Youth Services, (218) 723-3523

* Valley Youth Centers, (218) 721-2334

* YWCA of Duluth, (218) 722-7425, ext. 108

* Proctor Area Community Center, (218) 628-6294

* Mentor Superior, (218) 393-9160