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Book Blurbs for June 15, 2014

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“Lake Superior, The Ultimate Guide to the Region, third edition”

Author: Lake Superior Magazine

Local tie: It’s about our area.

Synopsis: This book shares the top 50 things to experience on Lake Superior. New to this edition are GPS coordinates for Visitor Centers, expanded listings for restaurants and lodging, suggested itineraries and the best tours and scenic drives.

Cost: $19.95

Publisher: Lake Superior Port Cities Inc.


“Eat Smart in Norway, How to Decipher the Menu”

Author: Joan Peterson

Local tie: For the Norwegians in the area.

Synopsis: Traveling to Norway soon? This book tells you what to eat while you are there. Learn to eat and drink like a local. Experience foreign foods and know what they are. Unlock the secrets of Norwegians menus with two bilingual dictionaries.

Cost: $14.95

Publisher: Ginkgo Press


“Studying Wisconsin, The Life of Increase Lapham, early chronicle of plants, rocks, rivers, mounds and all things Wisconsin”

Authors: Martha Bergland and Paul G. Hayes

Local tie: The book discusses local areas in Wisconsin.

Synopsis: The book follows the life of Wisconsin’s first scientist, Increase Lapham. He loved to observe, understand and meticulously catalog the natural world. He identified and preserved thousands of botanical specimens. He had a big hand in the creation of the National Weather Service, lobbying for a storm warning system to protect Great Lake sailors. His 1844 guide to the territory was the first book published in Wisconsin.

Cost: $26.95

Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society Press