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Wisdom from Dad

Brita Carlson playing at the lake with her grandpa, Lud Perushek.
Never live as if you are better than anyone’
Submitted by Shelley Moore
“My dad, Bill Ronn, is a man who always instilled confidence. A husband and father of four. When at home, his wife and children are most important. He loves each one and gives each equal attention. His words to live by: ‘Never live as if you are better than anyone, but act as good as everyone.’ His biggest influence he had on me was to admit when he was wrong. He believed in giving everyone a fair chance.”
I wrote those words after a car accident when I was 17 years old. Many years later, they still ring true. I’m proud of you, Dad, and don’t mind when people say “you remind me of your dad, you are a spitting image.” I miss you, Dad, you always believed in me when I needed you most. You told me you’d take all my pain in a heartbeat if you could.
I love you, Daddy, and miss you so much now after one year, having left for heaven June 9, 2013. I can’t wait for my hug. ‘Just be you’Submitted by Sarah Carlson, DuluthWhen I was in college and struggling with the uncertainties of young adulthood, I remember my father, Lud Perushek, sat down with me after I asked him for advice. He simply said “Just be you.” That was initially puzzling, but gradually I realized that he meant I should always be my authentic self, to stand up for what I believe in and who I am, especially when faced with adversity or difficult decisions.
A girl’s 20s are always a period of self-discovery, but as the years slipped by, I often reflected on that advice, and did my best to learn and grow as an individual. Now that I am in my mid-30s, I feel it was an especially wise suggestion. My husband and I have two young children now and we feel strongly in guiding them to follow their intuition as they mature, and to help guide their inner wisdom by cultivating their confidence and dreams. That often involves forging your own path, and living with mindfulness.My dad has watched my sisters and I become opinionated, strong women. Even though dad and I may not always agree on certain topics, I always listen and learn from him. If we disagree, we say it, let it out and move on.What I admire the most about my dad is his loyalty and generosity to others. He has a wide circle of good friends and he treats people with kindness, with his quirky sense of humor shining through. His phone is always ringing, because he is always giving. His grandchildren adore him, and seeing him with our children is truly heartwarming. I know he will teach them everything he taught me.
You still untangle my fishing lines and your garden is always better than mine. Thank you for gutting my deer, buying me cars, paying for college and simply being there. You are my best dad friend. We all love you, Pappy!