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Faces & Names: Clinton clashes with NPR host

Hillary Clinton got heated with NPR’s Terry Gross on Thursday when the “Fresh Air” host pressed the former secretary of state about her evolving stance on gay marriage.

“I think you are being very persistent, but you are playing with my words — and playing with what is such an important issue,” the former secretary of state said testily.

“I’m just trying to clarify so I can understand,” Gross said.

“No, I don’t think you are trying to clarify,” Clinton countered. “I think you are trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I am in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that’s just flat wrong. So let me just state what I feel like I think you are implying and repudiate it.”

“I was saying that you maybe really believed this all along … believed in gay marriage all along, but felt for political reasons America wasn’t ready yet and you couldn’t say it. That’s what I was thinking,” Gross replied.

“No, that is not true,” Clinton responded.

Clinton did not endorse gay marriage during her run for president in 2008, but in 2013, after stepping down as secretary of state, she announced her support of marriage equality “personally, and as a matter of policy and law.”

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