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Best Bets: From The Modern Lovers to Sacred Heart

Jonathan Richman plays Saturday at Sacred Heart Music Center.

Jonathan Richman, who formed with the influential 1970s punk band, The Modern Lovers, will play the Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday.

Though, if previous recent shows are any indication, don’t expect to hear the likes of “Roadrunner.” Richman has embraced a range of styles since his days of sharing a village with Velvet Underground. He might, for instance, lean French.  

Expect something lyrically interesting and minimalist with a touch of performance art.

And for those looking for an additional pop culture thread: Richman is the wandering troubadour in the Ben Stiller-Cameron Diaz movie “There’s Something About Mary.”) He’s also been known to inspire some colorful writing. Consider a review by pop music critic Ann Powers from 1998, when she was writing for the New York Times:

“(Richman’s) basic move is to apply the vision of the world created in popular song – its determined sunniness and sincerity, its pursuit of the magical moment – to every aspect of life. He finds polka dots and moon beams in thrift stores, lesbian bars, his own heartache.”

Richman will be joined by longtime drummer Tommy Larkins.

GO SEE IT What: Jonathan Richman, featuring Tommy Larkins

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Sacred Heart Music Center, 201 W. Fourth St.

Tickets: $12 advance online at; $15 at the door

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