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Road trip: Let your monkey wings fly to break 'Oz' record

Wanted: 447 people recognizably dressed as characters from “Wizard of Oz” to gather together for a minimum of five minutes.

That is what it will take for organizers behind the annual Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids to secure the Guinness World Record for most fully costumed “Wizard of Oz” characters in one place. The current record is 446. Interested monkeys, witches, tin men and the like should gather at 5:30 p.m. June 13 on the Evergreen Terrace Lawn adjacent to the Judy Garland Museum.

The shot at the record is part of the 39th annual Wizard of Oz Festival, formerly known as the Judy Garland Festival, runs Tuesday through June 15 in Grand Rapids. This year also recognizes the movie’s 75th anniversary.

Other events include:

The museum has added a new “Wizard of Oz” exhibit, which has about 3,000 movie-related items like the carriage that carried Dorothy and friends to Emerald City, the star’s Adrian-designed 1938 pinafore test dress and movie theater lobby cards. The exhibit opening is at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Judy Garland Museum, 2727 Highway 169, Grand Rapids.

Judy Garland’s son, Joe Luft, will judge a youth talent contest, there will be presentations on the movie’s effect, carriage rides and a Toto, Too dog talent contest.

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