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Book Blurbs for June 8, 2014

“The Adventures of Chipper, The Dog of Dogdom”

Author: Richard Henry Carlson

Local tie: Richard Henry Carlson is a lifelong Duluthian, having served for many years in Duluth public schools as the principal of Ordean Junior High School, East High School and Central High School.

Synopsis: “The Adventures of Chipper, The Dog of Dogdom” is a 368-page chapter book written with children ages 6-11 in mind. It’s a fantasy about a yellow Labrador who learns how to read by being nearby when his young mistress, Mary Anne, is being read to by one of her parents. As the picture books turn into books with the letters of the alphabet and then into books with words, Chipper discovers that he, too, is learning how to read. Imagine the adventures a dog might have if he knows how to read and understand the spoken words used by members of his family. Not knowing how to speak these words is a problem, but good fortune puts Chipper in touch with a kindly neighbor, Mr. Robb, who discovers Chipper’s secret. Mr. Robb arranges for the creation of a computer set up that will allow Chipper to communicate by using an oversized keyboard to spell out the words he cannot speak.

Cost: $25

Publisher: FriesenPress


“Guide to the North Country National Scenic Trail in Minnesota”

Editors: Susan Carol Hauser and Linda D. Johnson

Local tie: The book features trail routes in our area.

Synopsis: The book shares an overview of the trail, which stretches from the Red River Valley into the Boundary Waters and down to Duluth, where it shares the Superior Hiking Trail. This guide provides 33 maps, including 25 for the 163-mile segment from Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge through the Chippewa National Forest along with trailhead information, easy-to-read trail descriptions, mileages, highlights and loop trails for easy-access, shorter hikes.

Cost: $19.95

Publisher: Trails Books, a Big Earth Publishing Co.


Banning DDT, How Citizen Activists in Wisconsin Led the Way”

Author: Bill Berry

Local tie: The results affected all of Wisconsin.

Synopsis: This is the story of citizen activists who were motivated by the belief that we all deserve a voice on the health of the land and water that sustain us and how they brought DDT to trial in Madison in 1968.

Cost: $18.95

Publisher: Wisconsin Historical Society Press