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Eh?: Divide and prosper

The awesome thing about plants, especially perennials, is that you can dig up the roots, chop them in half, and then, boom: two plants.

Now, you can keep both of those plants, or you can donate half of that perennial to be sold at the Roots of Hope plant sale, as part of the Duluth Flower and Garden Society’s 2014 plant sale, on May 31 at 8 a.m. in the Rose Garden parking lot, to help raise money for First Witness.

They will accept shrubs and trees, as well as annuals, but no raspberries.

Laura Zahn, volunteer plant sale coordinator, had to explain to Eh? just what it meant to “divide” a plant.

“Perennials spread by various ways — sending out shoots that root or roots, rhizomes, (or) tubers getting bigger and bigger and soon you have this huge clump, or you have plants that spread where you didn’t want them,” Zahn said in a statement.

“So, you dig them up or actually take a shovel and push it down in the middle of the plant, or in fifths or whatever, and divide up the main crown of the plant,” she said. “Then you replant the other half, or pot them up and give to neighbors or donate to the plant sale.”

Last year, the sale raised almost $500 for First Witness. Money that can be used to quickly aid people in need of social service, such as a mother who needs locks changed, or in need of transportation help to get to a sexual assault examination.

For more information on the sale, email, or call (218) 728-1445.