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Poetry Corner for May 18, 2014

My Savior’s Story

Oh let me tell others dear Jesus of your precious story,

Of how you are coming in great clouds of glory.

The time is at hand, the dawn draweth nigh,

The Son will soon be rising out of the eastern sky.

His feet will trod this earth, with sword and shield in hand,

The kingdom will be preached, all will hear His voice throughout the land.

This age will soon be ending of sorrow and of tears,

Death and hell will be destroyed, Christ will overcome the years.

Oh dear one, desire not the loaves and fish, but climb the mountain top,

Press toward the highest calling, for the harvest of His crop.

Don’t be concerned with earthly wealth, all things He said must pass.

Only what you do for Christ in His precious name will last!

Sandra Ebert Jokinen of Superior