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Homegrown Music Festival: Superior Siren showcases folk vocals

Laura Sellner, as Superior Siren, makes her Homegrown Music Festival debut at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Amazing Grace Bakery & Café.

A relatively new singer-songwriter has taken the name of a sea creature with a fatally persuasive voice — but she swears she doesn’t have cruel intentions.

Laura Sellner is Superior Siren, an act that showcases her unique folk vocals, and she makes her Homegrown Music Festival debut with a set at 6:30 p.m. today at Amazing Grace Bakery & Café. She’s backed by guitar player Andrew Olmstead, bassist Alex Piazza and drummer Kyle Keegan.

The Superior part: Sellner said she was born in Duluth and has been swimming in Lake Superior for a long time.

“I like to consider myself part mermaid,” she said.

And the nod to the femme fatales of mythology who sang sailors to a rocky-shored death:

“The ‘Siren’ aspect is me singing and captivating and, I guess, hopefully not singing people to shipwreck,” she said.

Sellner is a lifelong singer who has been influenced by jazz, blues, indie rock and folk — Fleet Foxes, The Beatles and Radiohead. She began playing guitar as an adult. She started writing songs and found some veterans of the local rock ‘n’ roll scene to join her.

She’s played out a few shows and recorded the EP “The Lotus in the Muck,” which she sells at shows.

“She’s got a real hauntingly beautiful voice,” Keegan said. “Her songs have a real Feist groove to them.”

Sellner, who is studying geology at the University of Minnesota Duluth, said she’s at peace in nature and that this plays a role in her music.

“I write most of my songs about passion and love and the observations I make,” she said.

In “Swamp Creature,” Superior Siren calls to the big beautiful creature who lives in the muck and tells him that she’s after his heart.

The festival, which includes mostly music, but also visual arts, poetry, films and fire dancing, runs through Sunday at venues in the Twin Ports.