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Best Bets: ‘Metropolis’ gets Fugitive treatment

The silent sci-fi film “Metropolis” gets two screenings with a soundtrack by Minneapolis-based electronica band Fugitive.

German expressionist sci-fi meets exploratory electronica for this edition of the series that mates silent films with live scores at Zinema 2.

The movie: “Metropolis.” This film by Fritz Lang from the 1920s considers deep darks currently en vogue, like the future, dystopia and class wars. It had a blockbuster budget seemingly before the words “block” and “buster” were ever linked.

“Metropolis” is set in the future — the 2000s or 3000s, depending on who you ask. The city is this super awesome playground for the rich folk, but beneath the surface are worker bees who live in poverty. The son of a mogul gets introduced to this machine when he falls for a beautiful woman from the working class.

The band: Fugitive. This Minneapolis-based spacy-electronica outfit will go the route of, say, Loverboy and Freddie Mercury, musicians who also used the movie as a musical muse. (They landed together on a 1984 original motion picture soundtrack that coincided with the release of a restoration of the film).

Fugitive, which features Nona Invie of Dark Dark Dark and Anonymous Choir, describes itself as a “nomadic electronic project focused on creating meditative space for internal travel and external exploration.”

“Metropolis” gets Fugitive treatment Friday and Saturday.

GO SEE IT What: “Metropolis” with a live score by Fugitive

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Where: Zinema 2, 222 E. Superior St.

Tickets: $12 at

Online: To hear a 1980s soundtrack for “Metropolis,” go to

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