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Minneapolis singer is one cool Kat

Minneapolis singer Kat Perkins, a Scranton, N.D., native, shown in this undated photo, will appear on NBC’s “The Voice” to compete to become the show’s top singer.

Minneapolis singer Kat Perkins has made quite an impression on “The Voice.” During the recent playoffs of the NBC singing competition, she had all four celebrity coaches singing her praises thanks to a powerhouse delivery of Journey’s “Open Arms.”

But the rocker’s talent goes beyond her voice. She’s also been able to connect with viewers thanks to her genuineness and positivity that’s on full display whether she’s performing or working with her coach, Adam Levine.

“He gives me confidence every time I sit down with him,” Perkins said. “We got to have a nice conversation the other day and it was really calming and he instilled a lot more confidence in me. He’s an amazing coach.”

We caught up with Perkins, who hails from the small town of Scranton, N.D., during a break from rehearsal for the season’s first live show for “The Voice” tonight. Here’s what the 33-year-old nanny had to say about being positive, how Levine smells and having musical equipment and gear stolen while she was away auditioning for the show.

Q: What can we expect to hear from you on Monday’s show?

A: I think I’m going to stay true to my roots on this one and stay true to the classic rock side of myself. That’s where I feel most comfortable, so we’re going to stay in that vein for now. But I told everybody and told Adam I’m ready for any curveball you may throw me, and I’m ready for any challenge. It’ll be interesting to change it up at some point, that’s going to be fun.

Q: You always seem so positive. How are you feeling going into the live shows?

A: I’m definitely in a positive head space and very optimistic about everything. I’m definitely more comfortable this week than I have been the entire process. I don’t know if it’s just because I feel more prepared or if it’s just the pressure is relieved as far as it’s up to America now and it’s nice to have that aspect to it. I feel like maybe my goal has been accomplished — making it to the live shows. Now it’s just going to be about having fun and doing shows. I definitely know how to do that.

I still get a little bit nervous, especially when we’re in rehearsal and start hearing other people sing. And it’s intimidating and they’re amazing and you start comparing yourself to them. That happened yesterday. You have to stay strong and remember you’re here for a reason, you belong where you are, just do what you do and try to do it well.

Q: What’s something we might not know about Adam Levine?

A: Oh my gosh, he smells really good. I keep saying that, but he does. He really smells good. I’ve already known and probably said out loud, he’s a really genuine, nice dude. But he smells good and he really, really cares.

Q: What’s something you’ve learned about yourself during this process?

A: I’ve never been so in touch with my instrument and taking care of it and using it to the best of its ability. When I was young and I started singing and had training — it’s kind of a refresher course on how to do that. I’ve also learned a lot about handling my nerves. I’ll be the first to admit I get nervous to perform for 50 people in a bar. I still have stage fright, I guess. I get really nervous for any event, no matter how big or small. This being such a huge platform, I’ve had to learn how to hone that in and turn that energy into something positive and use it.

Q: You’re selling “Team Kat” T-shirts to raise money so you can replace musical gear and equipment stolen from your home. What happened?

A: We got cleaned out while I was out here (Los Angeles) filming for the show at the end of October. Our entire garage was broken into. It was scary and super weird. My boyfriend had been home for most of the time and then at the end he was out here a little bit and then we went to Texas to do a show right after that, so we don’t really know when it happened. It was over $20,000 worth of stuff. I opened up the garage and it was gone, and my car was cleaned out. I felt so violated. The guy ended up pawning some of the musical gear and they caught him and got a warrant for his house, so we got about $4,000 of it back. (You can buy a T-shirt on her website at

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