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Best Bets: ‘A Night at the Opera’ live reading at The Underground

Rubber Chicken Theater and Lyric Opera of the North join forces for a live read of “A Night at the Opera” Saturday at The Underground.

What happens when you mix the Marx Brothers with the classical arts? You get a 1935 classic comedy “A Night at the Opera” — the pick for Rubber Chicken Theater’s upcoming live read series event.

Groucho is trying to swindle a fancy lady, Chico is managing a tenor, and Harpo joins the fray when the three become stowaways on a boat to America and ultimately take on the personae of aviators. This all ends with mayhem at the Met’s production of “Il Trovatore.”


Shrug. The American Film Institute keeps including it on its funniest films lists. And the New York Times called it “the loudest and funniest screen comedy of the winter season” when it premiered in 1935.

“The Marxist assault on grand opera makes a shambles of that comparatively sacred institution,” according to the review.

This live read will feature Rubber Chicken regulars, including Brian Matuszak, Luke Moravec and Chris Nollet reading aloud from the script. Meanwhile, Sarah Lawrence and Cal Metts of Lyric Opera of the North will play Rosa and Baroni, the romantic leads charged with bits of Verdi.

GO SEE IT What: Rubber Chicken Theater and Lyric Opera of the North’s “A Night at the Opera” live reading

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: The Underground, 506 W. Michigan St.

Tickets: $15 at the door

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