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Poetry Corner for April 20, 2014

The Anguish

The anguish on His face;

Nails that held His hands in place;

A crown of thorns placed on His head,

Blood flowed like tears as He bled.

The woman weeping for her son;

His life on Earth to soon be done;

The world turned dark as night at noon;

His life would pass, much too soon.

The jeering crowd who knew Him not;

Miracles performed were all forgot;

Soldiers tossing dice to choose

What little he had, they were amused.

“Forgive them, Father, “They know not what they do”

Then in pain He gave up His spirit;

Our Savior died for you!

The story doesn’t end there;

It’s only just begun;

The man who died upon that cross

Was God’s own precious son.

2000 years have passed now

And still we call on Him,

To free us from our darkness

To free us from our sins.

Thank God we heard Him answer

And let our Savior in!

Jan Heckman of Superior