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Photo captures Duluth panorama

“Cold Duluth Harbor” by Brian Rauvola1 / 2
Brian Rauvola with the camera, lens, tripod and panoramic tripod head he used to capture 252 individual pictures of Duluth, the harbor and Lake Superior that he used to create a single, 4.87 gigapixel image. The 5-foot by 21-foot image, printed on fabric, will be displayed at the Duluth Photography Institute as part of an exhibit running through the month. The exhibit’s opening reception runs from 6-8 p.m. Saturday. (Steve Kuchera / / 2

Brian Rauvola claims that if you zoom in far enough, you can see people on the ships featured in his plus-sized panoramic photograph now hanging at the Duluth Photography Institute.

The 5-by-21-foot photograph was created with a motorized panoramic stitcher that merged 252 shots to create a single 4,870 megapixel image. Rauvola printed it on fabric and it is now hanging at the shop on Superior Street, where it will be featured as part of the DPI Member Exhibit.

Rauvola, owner of the photography institute, was shooting for a superlative and said he achieved it.

“It’s the highest-resolution imagine I’ve ever seen of the Duluth area,” he said. “With the resolution of this, I could have printed it out 15 feet by 60 feet and it still would have been tack sharp.”

Rauvola used a Nikon D800, a 300mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter and a GigaPan Epic Pro, which moves the camera for each individual shot. He set up in the parking lot of First United Methodist Church — the coppertop church — on a cold December morning.

“You can see the mist on the lake,” he said.

It was an experiment to see just what he was capable of creating with his equipment.

“Of course, you always hope for more dramatic skies,” he said. “You can’t always get the weather to cooperate with what you want. It was definitely what I expected it to be when I was out producing it.”

Next up: Maybe portraits — which would require a long pose and result in a very detailed product.

“The subject would have to be willing,” he said.

Go see it

What: Duluth Photography Institute Member Exhibit

When: Opening reception 6-8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Duluth Photography Institute, 405 E. Superior St.

Tickets: Free, open to the public