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A&E Notes: Snow or no snow, percussion piece will play outside at Glensheen

John Luther Adams wrote “Inuksuit” as a large percussion piece to be played outdoors. And by golly, that’s where a bunch of musicians — led by the University of Minnesota Duluth faculty artists — plan to play it.

Snare-deep snow or not.

The free concert is at noon Saturday on the grounds of Glensheen, 3300 London Road, and is part of the Sauyatugvik Contemporary Music Festival Featuring the Music of John Luther Adams.

The New York Times, in a story about a 2012 performance at the Libbey Bowl in Ojai, Calif., referred to the piece that “flexibly scored for nine to 99 percussion players widely dispersed in an outdoor area, is the ultimate environmental piece.” Fun fact, also from the New York Times, the piece premiered indoors and street sounds were piped into the Park Avenue Armory for the performance.

There will be a pre-concert introduction by the composer, whom the New Yorker magazine referred to as “one of the most original musical thinkers of the new century.”