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Book Blurb for April 6, 2014

"A Slave’s Tale”

Author: Erik Christian Haugaard

Synopsis: Slave girl Helga stows away on the longship when Hakon, the young Viking chieftain, sets sail for France on a voyage to return Rark, a freed slave, to his homeland. The voyagers’ journey is perilous — they narrowly escape capture by an invading fleet and their ship is severely damaged by a storm. Upon reaching France, where the Vikings are now hated but not feared, only tragedy ensues.

Cost: $25

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Information: book-division/books

“Frank Lloyd Wright, The Prodigal Son of Spring Green”

Author: Clare W. Schumacher

Synopsis: The author makes good use of her interviewing and research skills to take a unique perspective on this man who became a famous architect. Interviews of Wright’s contemporaries, those who knew him as a neighbor or who dealt with him in business, create a picture not given in any other source written about Wright. Schumacher has a knack for making this man a real person, as seen through the eyes of those who knew him and not the world-renowned architect he became.

Cost: $12.95

Publisher: Zenith City Publishing Co. in Duluth