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Summer volunteer opportunities available to students in south St. Louis County

Submitted by Carol Dinius, St. Louis County Incredible Exchange Coordinator

Applications for the Incredible Exchange are available for summer 2014 participation. The Incredible Exchange is designed for 12- to 15-year-old kids to volunteer in their community and give of their time and talents while learning new skills. In exchange, they can receive a certificate for a recreational or cultural activity of their choice, such as music, art, martial arts, dance, horseback riding lessons, a YMCA pass, or a ski or golf pass. Participants can choose from a variety of volunteer sites, including community centers, assisted-living facilities, daycare centers and tourist attractions. Upon completion of the required 25-50 volunteer hours, the participant receives an Exchange Certificate, redeemable for their chosen activity, as well as the life skills learned through their volunteer experience.

The program requirements are students must be 12-15 years old as of April 15, complete an application for the program and live in south St. Louis County. Youths may participate in a maximum of two sessions

The summer volunteer session runs from June to August.

The application deadline is 4:30 p.m. on April 15. To apply online or to print an application, go to incredibleexchange and follow the link to the application.

Paper applications should be mailed to The Incredible Exchange, St. Louis County Extension Office, A.P. Cook Building, 2503 Rice Lake Road, Duluth, 55811 or faxed to (218) 749-0698.