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Faces & names: ‘Cinderella’ peek offers Blanchett as evil stepmother

Walt Disney Studios is betting that new generations will embrace a lavish, live-action version of its animated classic “Cinderella,” teasing theater owners with new footage from the upcoming film at CinemaCon on Wednesday.

Unlike “Maleficent,” featuring Angelina Jolie as the evil queen in a new spin on “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella’s” big selling point isn’t special effects. It’s the ball gowns.

The footage depicted a young Cinderella, played by Lily James (“Downton Abbey”), collapsing after receiving news of her father’s death. She then meets her prince while riding spiritedly through a forest, followed by a glimpse of her mother’s ballgown ripped apart by her step-family. But then Cinderella appears in a dazzling blue ball gown that no doubt has the company’s Princess merchandising line preparing for pint-sized mass production.

Freshly-minted Oscar winner Cate Blanchett portrays the villainous stepmother.

“Cinderella” hits theaters in 2015.