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Patty Duke, star of 1972 movie shot in Duluth, returning for film festival

Actress Patty Duke takes a break during the filming of the movie “You’ll Like My Mother” at French River near Duluth in early March 1972. Chatting with her is Jim Bishop, a public relations representative for Universal Studios-Bing Crosby Productions, producers of the film. The Duluth Transit Authority mini-bus in the background was being used in the film. (News-Tribune file photo)1 / 2
Patty Duke, 2012 (image from YouTube video)2 / 2

An Oscar-winning actress will return to Duluth later this year for a screening of the movie she filmed here more than 40 years ago.

Patty Duke, who starred in the 1972 movie “You’ll Like My Mother,” which was shot in Duluth, is slated to take part in the fifth-annual Duluth Superior Film Festival, to be held May 28 through June 1. The news was posted Sunday on Duke’s official Facebook fan page and confirmed by festival founder and director Richard Hansen.

The festival is planning a Sunday, June 1, screening of “You’ll Like My Mother” at Glensheen mansion, where much of that movie’s filming took place.

One of Duke’s sons, actor Mackenzie Astin, visited Duluth during last year’s film festival for a screening and reunion of his 1994 movie “Iron Will,” which also was filmed in Duluth. That paved the way for Duke’s planned visit.

“He had such a great time and enjoyed Duluth and everything that went with it, that he said, ‘Maybe my mom could come here.’ And we said, ‘That’d be great.’ ” Hansen recounted Sunday.

Astin will be back, too — as a film festival juror, Hansen said. More details on this year’s festival will be posted on its website,

Duke, 67, won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1962 for her portrayal of Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.” She then starred in television’s “The Patty Duke Show” for three seasons.

In early 1972, she spent more than a month in Duluth to film “You’ll Like My Mother,” a thriller in which Duke plays a pregnant widow who travels to visit her late husband’s mother at an isolated mansion in northern Minnesota. Glensheen served as the mansion set for the movie.

In the film, Duke’s character receives a cold welcome, encounters troubled individuals on the estate, gets locked in a bedroom and is stranded in the mansion amid a snowstorm.

The movie had a premiere in Duluth in November 1972. It was screened at Glensheen in August 2012.