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Reader's view: Story laid out School Board failures on Red Plan

It was great to see the Sept. 28 article, “Finding a balance.” What a shining example of a miscarriage of the Red Plan and the School Board that pushed it through without taxpayer approval. I hope voters interpret this into voting every member out at the first opportunity. The taxpayers can all shout, “We told you so!” even though that doesn’t get us out of the mess we are in.

The working man and woman, and just plain ordinary thinking people, knew this was a fiasco. Now the proof is in the pudding. All those smart people on the board had tunnel vision. How many buildings have they vacated that they can’t sell? A smart investor knows how to transform those buildings into usable and beneficial space. But the School Board has blinders on.

So now we have overcrowded schools when they promised smaller class sizes and more educational opportunities, and a long-term bill for taxpayers as a result of School Board and district blunders.

I really appreciate the reporter who dug in to find this information and the News Tribune for finally seeing what actually happened. Voters, keep this article from Sunday’s paper. Then, when it’s time to vote, remember what they did to us.

Joyce Lusnia