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Reader's view: Schultz will fight for education, health care

I am writing to support Jennifer Schultz to replace Tom Huntley as state representative from House District 7A. Rep. Huntley represented our district well. He is an expert on health care policy. Schultz is an economist whose specialty is health care economics. She is well-prepared to carry on the work Huntley has done.

I know Schultz as a colleague who is energetic, effective and intelligent. She is a caring person with a passion for social justice. As a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth, she has been active in the faculty union and in campus governance. She realizes the high tuition that college students have to pay makes college inaccessible to many students and places a heavy burden of loan debt on many others.

College-aged people should not have to choose between massive debt and no higher education. If we want good education and good health care for everyone, then we need people who will fight to support those things. I think that Jennifer Schultz is someone who is willing to make the fight.

Dick Green