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Reader's view: Western Duluth doesn’t need Ness’ development plan

It’s scary to hear Mayor Don Ness saying he wants to develop western Duluth. Every time he looks west, I feel a cold wind. We sure don’t need any more low-income townhomes or old schools converted into low-end housing projects. City money shouldn’t be used for more forever tax burdens. Population growth should be made with real jobs.

We passed a parks-improvement tax, expecting neighborhood parks to be improved, not just tourist-related sites.

Past poor planning put softball fields on the parking lot at Wade Stadium.

We used to have railroad tracks through town, but poor planning allowed the loss of bike trails or light-rail service that could have been beneficial.

The new roof on the pavilion at the Lake Superior Zoo looks great, but its nearly half-a-million-dollar price seemed really high with the poor access.

And we have a new year-round bar and restaurant at Spirit Mountain that benefitted from tax dollars and that now competes with other neighborhood businesses that pay taxes. Is that fair?

Larry R. Anderson