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Reader's view: Minnesotans appear to drive faster than people elsewhere

I recently vacationed by auto to Portland, Ore., and Olympia, Wash., and made some observations of the driving habits of people in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Wyoming and Oregon. I found almost all drivers drove at the posted speed limit with practically no hot-dogging, no road rage and no tailgating.

As soon as I returned to Interstate 35 at Albert Lea, Minn., to head home to Duluth, however, I found that when driving 2 or 3 mph above or below the speed limit I was passed by many others who were driving, obviously, about 10 to 15 mph over the limit. The question is: Why here in Minnesota but not in other places? Is it caused by reduced enforcement of speed laws? Or is it common disrespect of the laws? Or is it a personality condition of impatience? Or a feeling of power over the laws? This driving condition was really obvious from Albert Lea to Forest Lake, Minn., and then it seemed to return to normal speeds. Are there more accidents in this corridor? And are the accidents that take place more severe?

I felt that that part of the trip was the most dangerous — and it was on a Sunday morning.

Ron Meyer