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Reader's view: There’s nothing to fear from the Tea Party

Reading the Aug. 14 letter, “Hall keeps quiet about ties to Tea Party,” caused me to again question why people have such fear of or hate for the Tea Party movement. In my experience I have noted that most people with these opinions have never had any contact with Tea Parties.

Technically, there is no “Tea Party” in our area; however, Northern Liberty Alliance generally endorses Tea Party objectives. Its website states, “(The) NLA is a group of citizens working to promote and preserve the liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. We share a strong belief in the free-market system, economic liberty, limited government and the principles espoused in the United States Constitution.” When attending Northern Liberty Alliance meetings and rallies in the Duluth-Superior area, I have heard intelligent, well-prepared speakers, and I have been impressed with the teachers; government employees; union members; farmers; and business, professional and retired people in attendance.

Jim Wright