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Reader's view: Democrats try to take down GOP presidential hopefuls

The Democrats are trying to take out various Republican governors, all of whom — surprise, surprise — are possible candidates for the presidency. From Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey to Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin and now Gov. Rick Perry in Texas, all are seemingly being persecuted and prosecuted. By whom? By dirty tricksters in the Democratic Party.

To oppose these below-the-belt tactics, do not vote for a Democrat again until these hate-filled, destructive politics stop.

In the specific case of Perry, both famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, a well-known liberal Democrat, and the New York Times called the indictment of Perry by a Texas district attorney “a political vendetta” and an “overzealous prosecution.”

Apparently, Republicans have a strong field of 2016 presidential hopefuls, especially among governors. So it does not seem mere coincidence that Democrats are resorting to the politics of personal destruction rather than making use of the tried-and-true methods of campaigning (discussion of the issues) and the ballot box.

We the voters have the power to reject the extremely harmful consequences to our political system that can result to our democracy from these actions. Such base tactics discourage more and more people from participating in the process as they cry dirty politics. Let us not cooperate with the Democrats in this type of dirty politics. The Democrats will change their ways if they feel the heat from the voters. We do have the power.

Gregg Schweiger