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Reader's view: Library is no place for loudness, obscenities

This is an open letter to all the blabbermouths at the library. Some of us go there to relax and have peace and quiet.

The computer room has a sign that says, “quiet.” What do you think that means? It doesn’t mean talking on your phone while at a computer. Whisper to the person next to you; no shouting or talking loudly. The rest of us do not care if you are going to get lucky, in a fight, high or drunk.

Also, hint: There is no place for the f-word in the library, or any other profanities.

If the noise is so loud that we can hear it coming out of your earphones, it is too loud. And for heaven sakes, you are not a rock star; if you want to sing, go outside.

When you set foot in the computer lab, think! Whisper, whisper, whisper. You are not the most important person there. Be considerate of others. If you are getting help with the computer, please be quiet and polite. If you have been instructed so much that even the posters on the wall know how to do the function, please just do it before we all grow old waiting for your success.

Think, people; be quiet. And whisper!

Jopy Riley