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Reader's view: Catholics defend dignity of God-intended sex

The Catholic Church and faithful Catholic writers constantly are accused by an overloaded and bigoted secular media of being obsessed with the subject of sex.

Actually, it is the other way around.

Because of the distortions and the glorification in the secular media, caring Catholic writers feel forced to defend the dignity and sacredness of God-intended sex so that true understanding and reverence may survive.

God intends the sexual union of one man and one woman in a lifelong commitment as the means for lovingly creating more saints to glorify him forever in heaven. So much of the secular media and even others who call themselves Christian are ignorant, bigoted, narcissistic or otherwise misguided on this whole business.

God created sex so humans can gratefully and lovingly share in his own great loving purposes. In marriage it is intended to avoid selfishness and exploitation, which are the goals pursued by those who do not respect their sexual powers.

Unfortunately, many good people, including many Christians, do not know any of this and they go along with often-

sinful practices and foolish ideas, such as getting married while jumping out of airplanes or while on the beach or while at a Las Vegas wedding mill. And society ends up with a divorce rate of at least 50 percent.

At the wedding feast in Cana, Jesus elevated the already-

sacred contract of marriage as one of the Church’s seven sacraments. It’s thereby graced with God’s promise of help in living what marriage and family should be for the benefit of parents and children.

This is what the Catholic Church is defending against: all of the distortions and abuses degrading people, spreading venereal diseases, and failing to give children integrity and strong character values.

Jesus called remarriage after the breakup of a valid marriage adultery.

Father Richard Partika