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Reader's view: Obama raises money as America founders

Are we Americans willing to forget that before Barack Obama’s now two terms as U.S. president and commander in chief our nation was the wealthiest, most powerful, most caring and most helpful in the world?

I emphasize “helpful” because that description has faded under President Obama’s lack of real leadership in our nation and in world affairs. Instead we find him at fundraising functions seemingly unaware of concern over Russian participation in the shooting down of a Malaysian plane with 296 passengers, including one American.

Are the U.S. and its allies prepared for the challenges already seen and felt for the near future, including Iran’s drive for Islamic world control?

Republicans may well keep control of the House of Representatives after this fall’s elections and gain control of the Senate. Many of the executive orders Obama has used and threatens to continue to use are likely to be found unconstitutional by the courts, further quelling his thirst for more power.

Arthur C. Barschdorf