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Reader's view: Mills seems obsessed with guns and the NRA

From all the political ads for and by Stewart Mills, the assumption could be made he is a one-trick pony. He’s apparently obsessed with pacifying the NRA and gun manufacturers. Thank God our world no longer has any pressing and urgent concerns that, if elected to Congress, he might otherwise have to wrestle.

Maybe Mills is right. Maybe everyone on the left, like the president and Congressman Rick Nolan, is totally anti-gun, as his camp likes to insinuate. Maybe they can’t stand the idea of a citizen having a .357, like me, ready for that unlikely, just-in-case moment. Maybe they truly want to confiscate everyone’s hunting guns so you’d have to go back to shooting ducks and wolves with a bow and arrow.

If you believe that and think that any nut job should be able to buy an AK-47 at a gun show, you will just have to be written off by the normal vast majority in this country which also will have to work around you.

Oh-oh, gotta go. I think President Barack Obama’s jack-booted thugs are coming to confiscate my guns. Oh, dear, good thing I’ve got a couple of Stinger missiles in the back room!

Steve Parkhurst