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Reader's view: Obama takes from workers and gives to his supporters

I’d like to put something in your head you can reflect on years from now.

President Barack Obama will be known for the most damage done to us and God’s country. Yes, God made it and us. Funny our money has “In God We Trust.” We swear on a Bible in court; God is in that Bible.

A lot of us work, leave home at 18 and never get food stamps or welfare. We get married, raise kids, they leave home at 18 and do the same. The key word here is “work.”

College graduates signed for and agreed to a student loan and can adult-up and pay their debt. Working people shouldn’t have to pay in to pay their debt. You sign, you pay. Your word is your worth.

People, stop having sex without thinking about how you’re going to pay for, raise and teach a child in a home without a working, provider dad and mother.

Truth is strong. I’m saying all of this in the soft words of love. We can go on with all the problems. Focus on one at a time.

America was not founded on half the people working and the other half being supported by the workers.

The world sees how our president welcomes young and dumb to never pay in, putting more on the workers. Stop the mailbox-check lifestyle. Wrong plus wrong never equals right.

If you are paying taxes you are the government. All this president talks about is taking from the working and giving to his voters.

Ed Matthews