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Reader's view: Republicans in do-nothing House should be sued

All of the talk by Republicans about suing President Barack Obama is ludicrous. First, the GOP is not risking anything personally because the American people will pay for this colossal waste of time. Second, there are more important issues that need to be addressed by a do-nothing House led by Rep. John Boehner (who is the person who should be sued), such as immigration and VA problems.

When Obama was celebrating his inauguration, a group of Republicans reportedly was meeting and planning to make the destruction of the Obama presidency its main objective. Definitions of treason include “a crime that undermines the offender’s government,” “disloyalty of subversive behavior” and an “act of deliberate betrayal.” Representatives are elected to work for the good of the American people, not to work to destroy each other. Partisanship has resulted in non-government, and suing these disloyal Republicans would go a long way toward restoring responsible government.

Mary Johnson