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Reader's view: Priest’s defender needs to read up on abuse

There were some valid points made by the defender of the priest let go by Essentia (Local View: “Quick judgment of clergy is wrong,” July 9).

However, I urge the writer of that column and anyone else interested to read, a website maintained by Patrick Marker who initially was hired to deal with the issues of clergy sex abuse at St. John’s. When he discovered it was all show and nothing was happening, he became a whistleblower. If you have the stomach, you can read about the cases on there. I don’t know of anyone who made it all the way through some of the stories.

Apparently some of these priests on severe restriction are selling things on eBay, wandering around the campus as well as off of the campus, and still have pages on Facebook. Why are these clergy members not in prison? Rather, they live in beautiful surroundings on the campus of St. John’s.

The psychologist who wrote the July 9 column would have been better off simply defending the one priest rather than bringing in the idea of “good” people who commit horrendous acts.

He really needs to read

Inese Holte