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Reader's view: Children on the border are Americans’ responsibility

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free,” reads the words on the Statue of Liberty. Let the little ones come to me, Jesus said. “Whatever you do to the least of mine that you do unto me,” reads another quotation from him. “Blessed are the children.”

Far be it from me to amplify any spiritual truth, but it is my hope that our nation comes to its senses. At a time when the stock market is making record highs and the rich are clearly getting richer, we have poor and homeless children being placed at our borders by drug lords made wealthy by drug addiction and crime. Collectively, these children are our responsibility, whether they are our flesh and blood or not. That is my opinion.

None of us can do anything alone. It’s a big responsibility to care for even one child. But we must do something to help all of them. If we don’t, we endanger our own philosophical and spiritual righteousness, it seems to me.

Jeff Monaghan