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Reader's view: Republican policies don’t work, so get out and vote

It seemed the June 30 letter, “Seifert has the real-world experience to be governor,” wanted readers to ignore the failure and mean-spiritedness of the Republican Party because of geography. Gubernatorial candidate Marty Seifert’s website lists the same tired GOP positions that have been debunked countless times over the past several years. He’d deny us medical coverage, would eliminate jobs by abolishing departments of the government, and would ignore unemployment and low wages in favor of a crusade against taxes (which pay the salaries of about 40,000 of us).

But the letter praised Seifert’s eclectic job history, which any employer would interpret as either job-hopping or regular incompetence at work. Also, Seifert selected a female running mate. Will she accept 77 percent of the average male lieutenant governor’s salary, in line with her party’s beliefs on equal pay for women?

The “out of touch” criticism doesn’t apply to both parties as a generic insult. Republican policies do not work, cause people misery and ruin infrastructure. Most Minnesotans understand this and will support Gov. Mark Dayton’s re-election. But midterm elections turn out fewer voters, and we need to encourage Minnesotans to get to the polls this November to vote for Mark Dayton and other Democrats on the ticket.

Jake La Jeunesse