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Reader's view: Recent exposure proves Duluth is a winning city

Recently, our city of Duluth placed first in online voting “best-of” polls, including best mountain biking, Piedmont Trails, at Being the top vote-getter cannot be attributed to only our own community members placing winning votes. We need to recognize that others outside of those having roots in Duluth have discovered what we have known all along: Duluth is a fantastic place to live, work and play.

Proof can be further demonstrated by the fact our city of Duluth was profiled in the June 2014 Delta Airlines’ “Sky” inflight magazine. The feature, with the title, “A City Ascendant: Duluth,” included a full 16 pages highlighting what our great city and its citizens have to offer. The opening line stated, “Duluth, Minnesota’s fourth-largest city, has shaken off its Rust Belt past and is rising to new heights as a center for engineering, aviation, health care and international transport.” The closing sentence of the feature article emphasized, “The fact is, city residents have been too busy and having too much fun to let the cold winters get to them.”

Working together, our citizens, community volunteers, business leaders, workforce personnel, politicians and visitors have had a positive and upbeat attitude, allowing us to accomplish many ambitious goals to build a better community. This in turn has raised the deserving awareness that fully proves Duluth is a winning city.

Jim Topie