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Reader's view: Despite what he thinks, Obama isn’t an emperor

We Americans can take action in coming elections to halt the continued loss of respect and admiration by most of the civilized world for our United States of America.

I believe what has come about in recent years points mostly to the poor leadership of President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. His on-the-job experience, now grown into his second term as head of our great nation, has not made him an emperor of a USA domain, as he seems to seek. His executive orders show no recognition of the accepted limits of power for our head of state. His golfing and frequent vacations show less concern for admittedly the very tough and necessary job as America’s CEO.

This situation, however, comes at time in world history when strong participation in world affairs by our U.S. is wanted, needed and expected by other free and trying-to-be free nations.

Arthur C. Barschdorf