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Reader's view: Duluthian is a hero for nuclear protest

These are days when we make patriotic gestures and honor veterans for their courage. I would nominate a local veteran as a special kind of patriot and hero.

Greg Boertje-Obed is serving a five-year sentence at Leavenworth federal prison for his part in the Transform Now Plowshares action exposing our country’s illegal and immoral nuclear weapons policy. He and Michael Walli were sentenced to 60 months while 83-year-old nun Megan Rice was sentenced to 35 months for walking onto the nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, Tenn., in July 2012. Many think the harsh sentences were because they embarrassed our nuclear weapons bureaucrats for lax security.

It is inspiring to know there are some who love their country enough to name American mistakes and call us back to our highest ideals, and are willing to pay a steep price for their actions.

I look forward to the time when we can welcome Boertje-Obed back home and say thank you for his strong witness.

Brooks Anderson