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Reader's view: Bureaucrats do now control birth control

And I quote from an article published in the July 2 News Tribune regarding the recent Supreme Court decision on contraceptives:

“But Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life America, a youth organization that opposes abortion, said in a statement that birth control should be a personal choice.

“ ‘As a woman, wife, mother and business owner,’ she said, ‘I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions about birth control without having an employer buy it for me or being forced to provide it against my will to my employees. I control my life, not bossy bureaucrats.’ ”

With this Supreme Court ruling, does this person not realize that is exactly what has happened — bossy bureaucrats controlling her life? Anyone who can say the Supreme Court is not politically motivated when its rulings are continually 5-4 in favor of conservative positions cannot be serious. Even I as a regular American citizen can see pros and cons in many issues and cross the political divide of Democrats and Republicans on many items facing our country today. With such predictable outcomes on so many issues the Supreme Court faces, are justices thinking independently as well? Not sure.

Terri Aiken