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Reader's view: Politically correct police work overtime

These are active times for politically correct police.

Addressing the unemployment problem on the Iron Range, a St. Louis County Board member was castigated for not mentioning the “white genocide” of the Native Americans. Of course that was unrelated. Interestingly, the protester had no suggestion to solve the problem at hand (“Comment at County Board meeting draws Native American rebuke,” July 1).

Also, Essentia Health fired a member of the “God Squad” after publicity over a 25-year-old allegation that was thoroughly investigated at the time and found to be unsubstantiated. Of course, with corporate governance you must be cleaner than you know whom (Attorney’s View: “Media reports strip priest of job,” July 1).

Lastly, I write this on Somali American Day in Minneapolis, a day to celebrate their many achievements. Does that include the “Black Hawk Down” incident or the massacres, rapes, pillage, extremism and suicide bombings throughout Somalia? Does it include the driving of Ali Hirsi across the ocean because of her “free speech” in preventing harm and indignities from befalling Muslim women? My, oh my, what a day!

Thomas J. Sharkey