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Reader's view: Hall will fight for freedom if elected to the House

I disagree with at least two portions of the June 19 Lawmaker’s View titled “MNsure makes Minnesota better.”

First, there are eight Minnesota for-profit companies that have been granted temporary injunctions through federal courts against the Affordable Care Act, which MNsure is part of. Under Obamacare, business owners must provide health care coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization to their employees. These practices are contrary to these eight business owners’ religious beliefs. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 is about preventing other laws from burdening the free exercise of one’s religion. MNsure is in conflict with this federal law.

Secondly, proposals have been made other than Obamacare. One current proposal is the “Freedom and Empowerment Plan,” and another is to elect Becky Hall as your next representative for the Minnesota House District 7A. She will be a lawmaker who lives and fights for freedom. Status quo is electing another big government candidate such as her opponent, which brought us MNsure. By electing Becky Hall, Minnesota will have “more than” — or I should say “less of” — the status quo.

Timothy Helwig